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Amplize in figures

30 +


The companies that have already placed their trust in us, working together to achieve new digital goals.

50 +


Digital growth and transformation processes tailored to the effective needs of the business.

55 +


A real community, expanding and evolving all the time, offering a mix of different skills that together form a unique, enthusiastic team.

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The international context that hosts our active projects, and through which our services are spread, with no geographical limits.

About us

The idea of being able to lend our skills, to build an increasingly digital future: this is our driver.
We’re a young business, but behind us we have the support of Arsenalia, a solid, well-established group, and we’ve added our own skills to its portfolio, allowing for the creation of a widespread, integrated network of projects.
Listening and understanding, to keep apace with customers’ needs and market trends, is the only way we know to promote our approach and a new way of interpreting in-company processes.
On this journey, we are proud to count on our consolidated partnership with Salesforce, a leader in cloud and CRM solutions that decided to invest in our potential from the beginning.
Identifying the best strategy for each business and increasingly effective digital processes is the objective we have focused on from day one, in which we wish to continue investing enthusiasm and commitment.

Mission Vision


We aspire to become the first Italian Salesforce Company to develop innovative and strategic digital projects.


We believe in our people and their skills, investing in their growth to create successful technological projects.

The Group

We are part of Arsenalia, a Group that brings together outstanding companies, helping to develop and improve their unique qualities. The companies of the Arsenalia Group manage innovative projects with high technological content in the People, Customer and Enterprise areas, in strategic consulting related to those areas, and in multi-channel creative communication.

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Our Team

Our business is all about PEOPLE, with a team of professionals working in synergy.
Here at Amplize, each of us is encouraged to develop our potential so we can put ourselves to the test and offer different types of expertise for ambitious, dynamic projects.

Amplize Team

Join the Amplize Team

Our aim is to create a stimulating environment: a real community of #amplizers, in which everyone can make the very most of their potential.
We are dynamic and ready to boost our skills.

As a partner on the way to digital maturity, Amplize strives to boost its business expansion through the long-term Salesforce adoption and thanks to the support of Salesforce Ventures, the global investment arm of Salesforce focused on partnering with the most ambitious enterprise technology companies at every stage in their journey.

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