We amplify the value
of your business.

We stay one step ahead of your needs, and our aim is the digital growth of your business.
Together, we can build the best strategy to guarantee
on-going innovation in your company, in its processes and organisation.

About Amplize

We are partners and allies in the digital transformation of your business.

We create projects in the areas of CRM, Marketing, Loyalty, Sales, Commerce and Customer Service, using Salesforce, a CRM solution that offers an innovative way for businesses to connect with their customers.

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We assist you in the adoption of the most innovative solutions for your business, adapting them to your needs with a custom approach and on-going support.

Strategy Process Support

Strategy Process Support

We support our customers in the development and adoption of innovative strategies aimed at creating value and improving performance.
We aim to turn their business goals into technical and operative functions.
We accompany them through a process of discovery, working together with them to develop authentic digital transformation actions.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

By adopting a CRM system, we support companies in the centralised management of their dealings with their existing and prospective customers during their entire life cycle and through the various touchpoints.

The CRM system aids all-round management, providing strategic insights based on the collection, analysis and interpretation of data.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

We design and plan strategies that can improve customers’ user experience, making it an example of value.
We study customised programmes for brands, combining consulting with creativity and technology.



We create value experiences between brands and consumers, by analysing data, conducting in-depth studies on behaviour and optimising interactions and resources. We support companies to help them engage efficiently with their customers and to build on-going relationships of trust with them.

The Salesforce solutions

As a Salesforce Cloud Reseller, we provide end-to-end solutions that include the resale of licences, project development and strategic consulting.

Salesforce Customer 360
Salesforce Genie
Salesforce Sales
Salesforce Service cloud
Salesforce Marketing
Salesforce Commerce
Salesforce Platform


We invest in on-going training for our team, fostering the development of skills that can be applied in a variety of areas and guarantee the success of all our projects.


The Amplize team

Our aim is to create a stimulating environment: a real community of #amplizers, in which everyone can make the very most of their potential.
We are dynamic and ready to boost our skills.

Amplize the Vibez: our playlist

Amplize The Vibez is the symbol of our community: free, young and open.
Amplize The Vibez is an ode to the joy of belonging to an open, inter-cultural community that is pleased to be represented by the music of a dynamic playlist.

Is there anything that warms the heart and unites people more than music?

We’ve decided to bring all the varied elements that make up Amplize into a playlist, where everyone can say who they are by choosing a song. An original, dynamic mix, always open to something new, offering us a multi-faceted portrait of Amplize.

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As a partner on the way to digital maturity, Amplize strives to boost its business expansion through the long-term Salesforce adoption and thanks to the support of Salesforce Ventures, the global investment arm of Salesforce focused on partnering with the most ambitious enterprise technology companies at every stage in their journey.

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